About us

Mission :

     Industrial trading company was established on 7 January 1993. Its main activities are: industrial, commercial operations and provision of services.

The company operates in the industry of fish and fish products processing.

     According to the EU veterinary care program since the beginning of 1999 the company has implemented and parries out the programme of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.
On 13 January 2000 the company was granted the European veterinary licence and health mark LT68-10EB, which entitles to export fish and fish products to the EU countries. From 2008 the company is constantly certified in accordance with the requirements of the MSC standard. The company also has a permit and a licence to export fish products to the Russian Federation and the United States.

In 2010 the company was granted the highest level IFS certification.

It uses in the production the latest technologies in conformity with stringent European Union requirements and the Lithuanian laws and regulations. The total area of the company's manufacturing plants is over 2000 square meters, refrigerators area is 950 sq.m., which can store up to 2000 tonnes of fish products. Technological lines allow the processing of up to 30 MT of fish and fish products per day.
To produce only high quality, safe and legitimate fishery products;
To become a strong and reliable company, a preferred partner to a big number of customers;
Systematically raise employee skills;
Enable employees to meet their economic and social needs.

Independent, strong company, producing only legitimate fishery products of high-quality quality and evaluated and recognized by customers from the EU and other countries, expanding its product range and improving the production processes. The production company, willingly chosen by the staff and meeting their expectations.
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